COVID-19 – Information for Live Active Patients

Updated 15th of October, 2021

Thank you to all our patients from everyone in the team at Live Active Clinic for your support and cooperation with our onsite health and safety protocols.
We are excited, like you at the re-opening of NSW, and look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces in our clinic over the coming months.

At Live Active Clinic we have traversed the lockdown period without incident, thanks to these exemplary protocols!

So even though we are exiting ‘lockdown’, all these precautions which have kept us all so safe, will largely continue unchanged, and we look forward to the same support and cooperation you have shown so far.

We will continue to stay abreast of all COVID-19 updates and remain compliant with all public health orders, making changes only as and when needs be.

It is our hope, that like our team, our patients and their families and friends, will continue to comply with all NSW Health advice – as we all know, now is not the time for complacency!

So just a reminder of some of these key measures that you can trust us to continue;

• Our pre-appointment safety screening questions, and encouragement to reschedule your appointment if you have any symptoms of ill health.

• Wearing a face mask remains a Live Active condition of entry, to be on our premises.

If in accordance with the public health order and NSW health, you have a lawful reason for not being able to wear a face mask, please contact our customer service team to discuss this BEFORE attending your appointment, so that we can best assist you to access our services, while still keeping you and all other people on site, safe.

• Maintain your 1.5m social distance at all times, when in our common (non-treatment) areas.

• To help us manage social distancing requirements (4 square metres per person), please do not enter the clinic more than five minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

If attending the clinic with an essential carer/family member, please respect that they will be asked to wait outside unless providing essential care during the appointment.

• Please remember to always sanitize your hands at our convenient sanitizing stations, as soon as you arrive.

Let’s all do our best to look after each other and avoid the spread of Covid-19, as we enjoy being out and about more in the coming months.

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