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Are you looking for Performance?

The demands of physical activity can expose you to extreme and unusual forces further exacerbated by poor function. Live Active provides comprehensive management of your performance in tailored programs so that you can  maximise your performance, prevent injury and get you back to the activities you love.

What makes Live Active leaders in Performance Enhancement?

We can help you reach success. By tailoring our treatment to your needs and problem areas we are able to help you reach your physical performance goals. Our staff are leaders in performance education and treatment, so that you are able to rely on your body to succeed in your active lifestyle. Whether you are a serious athlete or simply enjoy promoting health and wellness in your life through exercise, Live Active Clinic can help you.

Benefits of Performance to you

  • Have strong and stable joints and muscles so you can perform better
  • Become more flexible and gain more range of movement to avoid injury
  • Rely on your body to succeed when participating in competitive sport
  • Enjoy a healthy body, where you can push yourself and reach your goals
  • Learn techniques to help you reach your maximum potential

Patients Performance Achievements

Through our multidisciplinary team at Live Active, including Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and Podiatric Biomechanics, we have successfully been able to assist many clients achieve some remarkable sporting achievements. These include

  • Climbing Mt Everest and Mt Kilimanjaro basecamp
  • Running New York, London and Berlin Marathons
  • Compete at the Masters games
  • Trek Kokoda trail
  • Club and state cycling championships


A detailed analysis of your presenting issues, their surrounding circumstances and history is established to facilitate your most effective and efficient treatment process.
Specific assessment of yoiur presenting condition and immediate management plan
Radiological investigations of your condition will be arranged as necessary
Assessment of you running and/or walking, using computerised treadmill technology and slow motion playback analysis.
Analysis of your skeletal, muscular, fascial, neurological, connective tissue and joint structure/function.
Analysis of you higher structures including hip, pelvis, back, shoulders, neck and head alignment and how they relate to anomalies of your legs and feet.
3D digital scanning technology capturing the unique structural characteristics of each foot.
Controlling and management of any immediate pain or dysfunction
Use of Cold Laser and ultrasound technology to accelerate healing and pain management
dry needling, local anaesthesia, prylotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections
Stablising of injured structures and facilitation of muscular and connective tissue function
The intricate skill of being able to correct joint dysfunctions of the legs and feet. It is the treatment modality utilized to facilitate “naked” foot movement and a brilliant alternative to orthotic therapy, conservative shoes and other restrictive treatments.
Treatment and resolution of hypersensitive tissue responsible for complex pain & dysfunction conditions
orthotics are personally designed and prescribed to control abnormal foot function and specific footwear prescribed to facilitate the best function of your feet and all they support.
Facilitating the prevention of injury reoccurrence. Empowering strength and control of your physical function.
Facilitation of your overall posture through correction of your feet and lower limb function
Acute and chronic condition management.

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